"In the beginning of her career, Maria Elena Duque was devoted with special interest to engraving.  This practice assisted her with patience, improved her technique

and she was finding a figurative representation for her arguments.

Later, she decided to travel to Europe as part of her education and as a life experience.   This determination coincide with her choice of painting as her best way of expression.   Then, she decided to settle down and she selected Paris as the center of her operation and place to establish her painting studio.

Today we have a series of work showing her european experience.  It is a painting that talks of solitude, incommunication, empty spaces.   In a way, it also talks about

pain and uncertainty.   In order to assume all this knowledge, Maria Elena Duque has decided to work a cautious and moderate cromatism, looking to provide a special atmosphere to her work.

The human figure appears projected in an indirect and simplified way.   Metaphysical spaces are planned like allegories of an inner world in conflict and like a

redeeming expiation.

A painting which has become her way of living and which confirms her interpretation of the contemporary human being."


AICA International